Incredibles 2 (Spoiler Talk/Review)

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I’m getting on the Incredibles 2 bandwagon for a moment to air my opinions on the movie. I was fortunate enough to see it on Thursday night, and again on Monday, so I’ve had a little time to think about my thoughts.

Hands down, The Incredibles is my favorite Pixar movie. It’s also one of the few Pixar movies I actually own (most of the others were lost/given away to my younger cousins). I love the writing, the art style, the characters, the powers, and the villain. The music is amazing, the animation is energetic and dynamic. It’s just great, which is why I have a few issues with the sequel.

Overall, I really liked the movie. Every piece of praise you’ve heard about it is true. The animation is fluid and gorgeous, the returning characters are strong and motivated, and Jack-Jack steals the entire movie. However, I think the weakest part of the movie was the new characters, especially the villain. Everyone I’ve talked to about this movie figured out that the villain was Evelyn somewhere between her introduction and the introduction of the Screenslaver as the main antagonist. It’s really obvious, guys. Which, if she were interesting, wouldn’t be a problem. Evelyn wants to destroy the reputation of Supers because her father died during a break-in while calling for supers instead of hiding in the safe room (why weren’t the phones in the safe room, btw?). Which… feels weak? And kinda a rehash.

I’ll admit, I liked Evelyn at first. I even thought that she had a big, gay crush on Elastagirl. I even thought that her design was interesting. The way she’s designed makes her look like she’s at odds with her world, which makes sense for her initial introduction. She is an outsider on the inside. But then they had to ruin it when they made her the villain. Mostly, however, I don’t like her as the villain because she is a discount Syndrome. She is a tech genius that was spurned by supers in a time of personal crisis, and that’s why she hates them. I expected more of an Incredibles villain, I suppose.

In the end, I can forgive this one issue I have in favor of ALL THE AWESOME that is in Incredibles 2. The action is amazing, the character relationships are great, the animation is phenomenal, and it’s just really really good, guys.

Ciao, my beautiful readers, and have a fantastic day.

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