Review of “The Irregular at Magic High School”

The Irregular at Magic High School

Book by Tsutomu Sato

The Irregular at Magic High School is the first volume in a light novel series about siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba and their experiences at First High. A high school specifically designed to train magically-gifted child soldiers.  The school is split into two main groups, the Blooms, who are gifted with the ability to use and control magic, and Weeds, who can use magic, but aren’t as strong with it as the Blooms are. It is stated that the Weeds essentially exist to take the place of a Bloom in case he or she perishes. Miyuki has obvious magic potential and is placed with the Blooms, while her older brother Tatsuya, who is more mechanically inclined, is placed with the Weeds. (more…)