“Boys Over Flowers” and the Evolution of Personal Taste

When I was in high school, I discovered Boys Over Flowers when Netflix suggested it to me as a show with a “Strong Female Lead.” I thought it looked really good, so I started watching it and soon convinced my sister to watch it with me. We were absolutely hooked. We even promised that neither one of us would watch ahead, even though we weren’t able to keep it. I still remember the scene where Jan-Di speaks to a fortune teller and discovers that she is on the island with her soul-mate and her future husband because I was shipping her with the best friend so hard. (more…)

“Black” A (Spoiler Free) K-Drama Review

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Black is a very weird show. The Netflix description doesn’t do the show justice, because it is a steaming pile of questions. Like, “What the heck just happened?” and “Who is that? How do they tie into the big fat murder case?” What Black is actually about is a detective who kinda befriends a psychic woman right before getting shot, and the Grim Reaper that possesses his dead body for his own purposes. Oh, and the psychic and the reaper develop feelings for each other, because of course they do. (more…)