Thoughts on “Mr. Sunshine: Episode 1” (With SPOILERS)

This past Saturday, Netflix started releasing episodes for their new Korean drama, Mr. Sunshine. I don’t usually catch new dramas as they are airing, I usually watch them after they’ve completed, so I was really hoping that this… Read More

Five Drama Tropes (That I Hate)

Good afternoon, dear readers. It’s a natural fact that there are some cliches and/or tropes that drive everyone insane. For some, this is the delicious new bad-boy at school, or the hardcore Asian chick with the purple stripe… Read More

“Star-Crossed” Two Episodes In

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have blasted through three different Asian Dramas: Black, Descendants of the Sun, and Refresh Man. After I finished the last one at 3 AM last night, I decided that watching something in… Read More

“Black” A (Spoiler Free) K-Drama Review

Black is a very weird show. The Netflix description doesn’t do the show justice, because it is a steaming pile of questions. Like, “What the heck just happened?” and “Who is that? How do they tie into the… Read More